AISI’s Services Overview

The extensive experience of AISI’s employees and associates in the commercial aviation industry, and the fact that many airlines, manufacturers, lessors and financial institutions are our good and valued clients, means that AISI has invaluable sources of information throughout the industry. AISI has long maintained these sources of information by maintaining a reputation for integrity and by careful protection of the confidences and interests of all our clients..


Experienced Appraisal Professionals

Aircraft and Engines

• Sight unseen half-life valuations
• Sight unseen full-life valuations
• Sight unseen maintenance adjusted valuations
• Future values & Future lease rates
• Base Values
• Current Market Value
• Distressed Values

Unwavering Integrity

Unbiased aircraft valuations

Unbiased opinions

AISI and its employees have no business relationships with any airline, manufacturer, lessor, or financial institution which could compromise our opinions of value.

Extensive Airline Industry Experience

Over 35 years of providing aircraft valuations

Invaluable Information

• Proven Methodology
• Our methodology insures accurate valuations and reliable future value calculations


Access to online publications of Aircraft, and Engine Values

AISI Publications are now online!

• AISI Jet Price Guide
• AISI Engine Price Guide

Unparalleled Aircraft Valuation Experience

AISI is a member of ISTAT – The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading.
AISI’s appraisal methodology is based upon 3 guiding principles:

  • There is an orderly relationship in the values of a given aircraft type from year to year of build, all else being equal
  • There is an orderly relationship between the value of competitive aircraft of the same year of build, all else being equal
  • Values of a given aircraft type must be considered in the context of the values of all competing aircraft type, and not on the basis of that single aircraft types alone

Why Choose Us

With over 50 years of industry presence and staffed with experienced, knowledgeable, ISTAT Certified Appraisers, AISI is an industry-leading aircraft appraisal company. Our customers receive the most accurate aircraft value opinions available while enjoying some of the shortest request-to-receipt turn around times in our industry. AISI’s certified appraisers combine to bring to our customers accurate appraisal values for large commercial aircraft at very affordable rates. New customers are always welcome at AISI.